December 8, 2016

Customer Reviews

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Just wanted to stop by and thank you for cleaning up mom’s yard after she passed.

The house would have never sold that quickly had it not been for you guys and our entire family appreciates it very much.

You guys do a super job and we really appreciated your humor as well 🙂

Kind Regards

Thanks for the great job on the leaf removal .. I am glad the neighbors recommended you guys. And I am sorry things were such a mess.. lol

Thanks again

Randall Wells
Great Job!

We came home to find the yard power raked and clean up complete. We were very satisfied and pleased with a job well done!

We will definitely use “The Lawn Boys” again and would recommend them to our friends and neighbors!

Ron & Tanya Tenney

What a great deal to come home to the Lawn Boys working with such thoroughness and attention to my sadly neglected lawn.

With great personalization and consideration of what I wanted, I gladly handed over my check for the day’s work. I so look forward to seeing my neat and tended patch of lawn now.

Next week they’re coming back and I get the gutters cleaned! Most definitely will I pass the word to my friends and family of what The Lawn Boys are capable of.

Thanks guys! I look forward to seeing you again.

After searching for lawn services in the Billings area on the Internet, we found The Lawn Boys’ website.

We liked what we read, so decided to give them a try. We hired The Lawn Boys to do a spring cleanup and power rake our lawn.

My husband got home before I did the day The Lawn Boys worked at our place, and I received a text from him that said, “Lawn = WOW!”

When I drove up a while later, I saw what he meant. WOW was right!

Not only had they power raked the lawn, they had removed every single pine needle and leaf in our decorative rock, gutters, around shrubs, and window wells!

They cleaned off our deck and patio, and cleaned out 13 years’ worth of dead leaves, pine needles and dirt from between our garden shed and our fence!

They trimmed all edges of the lawn, and removed several years’ worth of old weeds from a former garden spot!

The yard looks better than it has in 13 years! I actually enjoy sitting on the deck and looking at the yard now, where before all I could think of was the work that needed to be done to it.

Thanks Lawn Boys for an AWESOME JOB!!!

Carolyn Willis

Thanks for the great clean-up. I’ve already recommended you to several people.

Vera 🙂

You did a great job! Fast efficient and reasonably priced. Our yard looks great.Thanks!

Have a great summer.

Marj and Mick

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