December 8, 2016


Who are The Lawn Boys?

The Lawn Boys are a couple of local fellers who grew up in Montana and both come from the roots of hard work.  Both Jerry Wipf and Clarence Hofer (Co-Owners) grew up on separate Farm/Ranches in Central Montana. We are proud to say that we were taught to work at a very very young age and are not much on laziness as is often times the case with the young uns’ in American Culture.

We strive for Excellence in our work and your satisfaction is always Guaranteed.

Jerry or Clarence or both of us are on every job and your lawn is like our own personal lawn and we will always treat it as such.

We do more than just cut your grass. Every mow also includes full trimming or weed-eating around sidewalks, trees, bushes etc. (standard) and your sidewalks will always be clean when we leave.  We will also remove all weeds from rock areas if you request it (extra small fee will apply) plus we always guarantee our work.

The Lawn Boys offer many different services including seasonal fertilizer packages, Gutter Cleaning, Doggy Poop Cleanup plus much more. Just ask.  Often times if we don’t offer a particular service we can always recommend you to a Local Company who does. Visit our services page to see a list of services we currently offer

We will also edge your sidewalks (extra fee will apply) upon request. We highly recommend edging as it makes your lawn stand out among the maze of neighborhood yards 🙂 There is nothing nicer than a well edged sidewalk.

Call or text us for Free Estimates @ 406.534.9494 anytime.  We like to look at every job so that we can give you the best price possible.  It’s only fair as every yard is different.

We will be glad to give you the day off and come do your lawn work or clean up your Doggy Poop.

Jerry Wipf and Clarence Hofer